A Guide to the TDC Grading System (Free PDF)

How does our TDC Grading System work? Why do the things we evaluate account for the quality of a cannabis product? And how do you grade your cannabis with our system?

Questions over questions that are now about to be answered with our free Guide to the TDC Grading System.

A complete guide on bud, joint and effect grading

The three-step-evaluation process of our grading system

Our Guide to the TDC Grading system will guide you through the key aspects of evaluating the quality of your buds, the smoke experience and tracking the effects you felt after consuming.ย 

To do so, we dive into our mindful grading protocol for each cannabis quality measurement and explain not only the evaluation, but also the mindful focus when grading your cannabis.

While the evaluation focus will inform you about what the particular grading aspect evaluates, the mindful focus will remind you on the senses and perception you must pay attention to when grading your cannabis products.ย 

Instructions to grading the Aroma Complexity of your products

In addition, the PDF will also help to refresh the knowledge you acquired from our Cannabis Microscopy course on how to evaluate trichomes and spot undesirables.

As a result, the document covers the evaluation of trichome visibility, trichome colour and trichome development while also listing the various undesirables you can find in your cannabis buds.

Detecting Undesirables explained in our TDC Grading Guide

Use cases, instructions and tips & tricks

The use cases of our TDC Grading System for producers, retailers and consumers

The Grading guide will also remind you of the various use cases our TDC Grading System offers to the three pillars of the cannabis industry:

  • The producers
  • The retailers
  • The consumers

And to ensure that all three of you make the most out of our immersive grading protocol, we're offering instructions as well as tips and tricks on how to take proper product images and operate your Urbanistic Scopes when going through the grading process.ย 

Cannabis Microscopy Instructions in our Grading Guide

Immerse yourself in this educational resource

The different stages when grading your joints

To revolutionize the global cannabis industry, it's not only essential that we provide you with the tools and education to improve your cannabis knowledge but it's also vital that these tools are acessible to anyone.ย 

This is why we offer this Grading Guide as well as our TDC Grading System as free resources to our community so that you can gain this important knowledge and carry it out into the world.ย 

The road to a global destigmatization of cannabis is not an easy one but we are confident that our community can have a significant impact on how the world views cannabis, as long as we all keep learning and educating others about it.ย 

That being said, feel free to download our grading guide with the button below and please share this free rescource with your friends and co-workers.ย 

Download the Guide

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, then please reach out to us at info@urbanistic.ca and feel free to explore our other educational offerings like the Gradig Masterclass and the Cannabis Cafe events we're hosting.ย 

The Author of this article - Tom Rothmeierย