Best Cannabis Products in 2020

 Finding a good dry herb vaporizer will save you money, time and deliver a smooth and pure experience.

The good news: there is a wide range of options to choose from, and each year new and exciting vaporizers are released with increasingly powerful technology.

Each year we take into account all vaporizers both new and old to decide on a list of our five favourite cannabis vaporizers:

1. StemPod OG 2.0 - ModPod Labs

Released in 2020, the StemPod OG  2.0 is the new and improved flagship dry herb 510 vape attachment that builds on the success of the original Stempod OG.

 What we love:

It's a 510 atomizer which brings a modular, customizable solution that's built to last. It will work out of the box for on-demand vaping, with the option to configure session modes too. If you're interested in learning more about ModPod Labs, we recently spoke with Dan, co-founder at Mod Pod Labs about the OG 2.0 and more: 


2. Titanic 3 by Puri5


The Titanic 3 is a new convection vaporizer from Puri5. It's a session [link to blog post on session] vape that comes packed full of neat features, including a high-quality display screen and integrated de-bowler. Most importantly, it provides an excellent vaping experience, consisting of both flavour and thick clouds.

It was a lot of fun reviewing the Titanic 3 in the below video. I can definitely recommend running this vape through your bong for some tasty hits! 




The easy extraction machine from LEVO opens up a world of possibilities for creating all manner of infusions. This integrated clever unit takes care of nearly everything; you just need to decide on your ingredients. 

Infusing at home, with fresh ingredients, unlocks a world of customizable recipes – from marinades to lip balm –  that optimize the benefits of wholesome herbs.


4. Extreme Q by Arizer

Possibly me personal favourite vaporizer of all time; or at least it is the vape I have probably used the most. The Extreme Q is a fantastic value, powerful tabletop vape; its performance is perfect for use at home. The Extreme Q provides nice clouds, fan assist mode, a remote control, can be used with bags/baloons and is very efficient on herb use. 


5. Storz & Bickel - Crafty+

New offering from Storz & Bickel, of renowned quality. One of the most trusted brands in the industry. 


The Storz & Bickel Crafty+ vaporizer delivers more sessions and faster heat-up times than its predecessor, the Crafty. The Crafty+ features a slimmer body for a more pocket-sized design. The preset temperature settings are optimized for immediate use, and a new Super-Boost mode produces thick vapor clouds from dry herb and concentrates with just three clicks