Magnum 3 Vaporizer: User Guide

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This is a short guide for Magnum 3 owners which answers three primary questions: 

  • How do I use the Magnum 3’s buttons?
  • How do I get the best airflow from my Magnum 3?
  • What’s the best temperature for my vape?

 Once you read through this brief guide, do yourself a favor and play with the Magnum 3! Try different grinds, packs, and temperature settings. Vape with and without the bubbler attachment. While the Magnum 3 is heating up, wait another 20 seconds after it reaches the desired temperature before taking the first draw. Try pre-heating the Magnum 3 before loading the chamber and then take a rip. Do you like the different amount of vapor production? Can you tell that different cannabinoids are vaped are low temperatures than at high temperatures?

 The versatility of the Magnum 3 allows you to completely customize your vape experience. Have fun and experiment!

How Do I Use The Buttons?

Every vape is different. This section takes Magnum 3 owners through a complete vape cycle, from powering on/off to OLED screen indications. You’ll quickly find that the Magnum 3 was designed with the user in mind, providing not only smooth hits but also a smooth and easy vape experience. The Magnum 3 just makes sense. 

  • Press the power button three times within two seconds to enter heating mode. The vape will vibrate and display the Magnum 3 logo on the screen to indicate that this mode is engaged
  • Then, the screen will display “F” and “C”. Here the Magnum 3 owner will select how temperature will be displayed - whether in fahrenheit or celsius
  • Once temperature display preferences are determined, arrow buttons will move heating temperatures up or down one degree each click. Hold an arrow button down to make large temperature adjustments quickly
  • Select your desired temperature (auto save last setting memory)
  • The Magnum 3 will vibrate again once it reaches the selected temperature
  • Press the power button three times to power off the Magnum 3

How Do I Get the Best Airflow?

Better airflow means better clouds and tastier rips. This section helps Magnum 3 owners get the most flavor, hits, and cannabinoids out of each chamber packed.

  • The Magnum 3’s has been updated to a prefixed air flow with maximum effects by allowing free flowing air directly from the isolated air ports.
  • Grind your herb so that air flows around each particle of cannabis
    • Remember - this is a convection vape that removes cannabinoids by passing hot air through a chamber containing your herb
    • A coarse grind isn’t effective - go with a fine grind for best airflow
    • Better airflow means heat from the vaporizer can penetrate the plant matter more easily, therefore producing a tastier, ticker vapor
  • Don’t pack above the metal lining of the chamber, as this will clog the mouthpiece’s small screen
  • Fresh, but not wet, herb is best
  • Medium fine grind herbs and snug packing has the best result for clouds and flavor

What’s The Best Temperature Setting?

Temperature is the most important aspect of vaping with the Magnum 3, which allows for complete control at from 320 to 439 degrees fahrenheit. Don’t underestimate the importance of accurate temperature controls combined with lightning-fast warm-up times - changes in vape temps change the chemical structure and medical benefits of your vaped herb. Since different cannabinoids have different melting temperatures, the Magnum 3’s complete temperature control allows users to also control which cannabinoids they vape with every session. 

  • The general rule of thumb is that you should vape somewhere between 355-420°F (180-215°C)
  • At low temperatures, or temperatures under 376°F(191°C):
    • The speed of cannabinoid extraction is slower than at higher temperatures
    • The primary cannabinoid consumed will be THC
    • Great flavor and heady rips!
  • At mid-level temperatures, or temperatures at from 376°F(191°C) to 400°F(204°C):
    • Good medication level
    • Body effects are more apparent
    • The “physical” cannabinoids and terpenes are vaped in this temperature range:
      • CBD
      • CBN
      • Linalool
      • Α-terpineol
    • At high temperatures, or temperatures above 400°F(204°C):
      • Very strong level of medication
      • Heavy bodily effects and a higher concentration of those physical-effect cannabinoids found at mid-level temperatures
      • The speed of THC-extraction is very quick in this temperature range
      • Vape flavor deteriorates in this temperature range and rips get harsh
      • Puri5 recommends the Magnum 3’s optional bubbler attachment for smoother rips in this temperature range

The Magnum 3 Advantage:

Clearly, the Magnum 3 is a superb dry-herb vape. But, to recap, let’s review some of the many advantages the Magnum 3 has over other vapes in the same category: 

  • Portability, which is difficult to find in dry-herb, convection-style vaporizers
  • Total control!
    • Temperature control
    • Flavour
    • Vapor production
    • Cannabinoid consumption control
  • Superb design - comfortable hand and mouth feel, beautiful vape
  • High quality components - bud chamber doesn’t heat up very much, relative to other vapes and even compared to the Magnum 2
  • Durability
  • Air-hi convection technology
  • Lifetime quality with the option of a removable/replaceable battery