1990 Italian Heart Shaped Glass


Height: 8 inches
Base: 3.5x2 inches
Opening: 3/4 inch

Removable 14mm Quartz Banger. Perfect for dabbing, vaping, or flower.


What was happening in 1990 in Italy?

In 1990, Italy became the first country in the world to establish a government-sponsored medical cannabis program. This program allowed patients with certain medical conditions to receive marijuana from pharmacies with a doctor's prescription. The program was implemented after a court ruling in 1985 that found the personal use of cannabis to be decriminalized in Italy.

This move towards medical cannabis was seen as a progressive step for the country and marked a significant departure from the harsh anti-drug policies of the past. Italy's approach to cannabis was viewed as more compassionate and forward-thinking than other countries at the time, and it inspired other nations to consider similar policies.

Today, Italy's medical cannabis program is still in place and has expanded to include a wider range of medical conditions. In addition, the country has also recently legalized the cultivation of hemp, which has led to a growing industry for CBD products.

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