• We set you up with one or more digital microscopes in your retail store
  • Get connected with cultivators: you decide which products you would like to promote 
  • Receive a full grading report from the TDC Grading System™ for each Scope Club product you feature
  • When you open a unit of the product to display under the scope as part of Scope Club; we reimburse the cost so you're not out of pocket

    Microscope Bar - Grow Up conference

      What is Scope Club?

      Scope Club is our initiative to bridge the gap between cultivator, retailer and consumer. Deploying one or more digital microscopes in a cannabis retail store is a fantastic way to offer an immersive, engaging and education-first experience for consumers who are becoming increasingly educated about cannabis and will love to be able to see the trichomes that make cannabis so magical! 

      How does Scope Club work for Retailers?

      To join Scope Club, just use the button below to fill out the joining form. There is a one time cost of $250/store, this includes:


      We provide the microscopes and training, then connect you with participating cultivators so you can put your scope to work for you with minimal downtime

      Forget putting your buds in pods - get paid to show products under the scope and receive in-depth reports from the TDC Grading System on the products you scope.

      Once you've joined Scope Club, we will let you know about participating products, you can opt-in or out of each promotion on a case-by-case basis, giving you full control over what you decide to display. 



      How does Scope Club help your store?

      Free Product Grading

      We put every product featured in Scope Club through the TDC Grading System™ - a rigorous and comprehensive cannabis evaluation tool - and then provide you with a detailed report about the product - from the curing, aroma, dry pull, flavour retention, ash colour, effects, trichome analysis and everything in between.

      We also provide you with digital assets containing insights from the product evaluation, which you can display next to your microscope. 

      Scope Club puts money back in your pocket

      Retailers who join Scope Club get matched with participating cultivators. 

      Provide a Memorable Customer Experience

      The stores we are already working with say that microscopes are helping to drive sales, whilst at the same time being an excellent conversation starter as consumers are naturally curious about what's under the microscope. 

      Why did we start Scope Club?

      Due to burdensome regulations, shopping for cannabis flower in Canada is a bit like being in a depravation tank. Despite being legalized, cannabis at the store level - for now at least - remains locked within four walls (aka, product packaging), and this remains a key stumbling block for consumers who want to better get a feel for what they are buying

      Some stores use small plastic containers containing cannabis flower which allows consumers to see an example of a product before buying. Sometimes these containers are also equipped with vents allowing consumers to smell the aroma. This is a great endeavour, but it's not without challenges. 

      Products in these containers are exposed to more air, heat and light exposure and will therefore deteriorate rapidly. These containers need to be replenished with product frequently, otherwise what is meant to help consumers select a product may actually dissuade them from purchasing a product, if it looks brown and has no noticeable aroma. But replenishing product frequently can quickly become a cost burden. 

      With Scope Club we avoid all that. For starters, we reimburse you the cost of product you open to scope out as part of the Scope Club program.

      We provide you with comprehensive, batch-specific sales assets and pointers, to help your team engage with customers on a whole new level. 

      So to recap, when you join Scope Club, we help you to save money, sell more product and create memorable, education-first customer experiences!