Cannabis Hardware

Cocobolo Handle by Ed's TNT

$32 $35
  • Cocobolo handle.
  • Retaining threaded collar is made from Gr 2 Titanium.
  • Interchangeable with all Cannabis Hardware parts that share a 10/24 thread.
  • Screw has a 5/32" allen head, stainless.  (Allen tool not included)
  • Made in the USA
  • Dispatched from Canada



  • Cocobolo Handle by Ed's TNT
  • 10/24 x 1 1/4" allen screw
  • Gr 2 Titanium Custom Threaded Collar.

This handle has been tested on the Shovelhead bowl, all current carb cap designs and the TCup bowl.

* No two pieces of wood are the same and we cannot guarantee that the grain or color will be an exact match to the photo. 

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