Dabsponge 2.0 Full Kit

$20 $39.99

The Dabsponge makes cleaning your banger a breeze! 

  • Heat resistant up to 392º-402º Fahrenheit [200º-220º C] when dry.
  • Each Dabsponge box contains 5 sponges
  • Replacement heads and sponge options available

What's included:

  • Dabsponge 2.0
  • Extra pack of 5 refill sponges (10 total)
  • 2 Dabsponge clips
  • Dabsponge cleaning station

How to use the Dabsponge

1. Dip your Dabsponge in a cleaning solution, such as ISO

(You don't have to fully soak it if you don't want to , a little goes a long way as the sponge absorbs quickly!)

2. Squeeze out any excess solution (we recommend using the Dabsponge container)

3. Clean your nail until satisfied (and it should be VERY satisfying!)

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