Cannabis Hardware

Cannabis Hardware Single Enail Controller with Optional XLR Coil

  • Quick Heating
  • REV 2 uses XLR - 5 pin connection. Began shipping 7/21/20
  • Compatible with 4 Different Coil Styles
  • Works with Flowerpot, DCup, TBucket, and Enails
  • Warranty: 1 year on Controller, 30 Days on Coil
  • Shipped with US Power Cord. 

*If you're getting the controller with no coil, the power selection does not matter. Simply choose 110v.

About your Coil Choice:

  • 20mm Coil is for Flowerpot and 20mm Enail set ups and Bangers
  • Flat Coil is for DCup, TBucket and Flat Coil Enail set ups and Bangers

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