Is the Mighty+ Worth The Hype?

It has been a few months since all the hype over Storz & Bickel’s ‘new’ Might+ vaporizer landed in the market. We had so much patience and tremendous anticipation for its launch. Though when it was released in the fall of 2021, we noticed the Mighty+ does not seem to have that much of a difference over the original Mighty. 

If you were not familiar with the “OG” Mighty released in 2014 and has since sold over half a million units up until the Mighty+ was released. The original Mighty became the top-rated dry herb vaporizer across many hardware sites across platforms, including those in Europe, Canada, and the USA. 


New Features

The Mighty+ now has a USB-C port for charging, this is very handy as this connector is becoming much more common. It is now possible to charge the Mighty+ from a power bank, laptop, console, or phone charger. A caveat of this is that to use the device while charging requires a specific type of charger with more output (45 Watts). The first Mighty had a specific charger supplied which had to be plugged into the mains, there was also an in-car charger available to purchase at an additional cost. To us, this makes the Mighty+ much more portable and accessible than the OG version. It gives less of a homebody portable device and more of an outdoorsy vape that doesn’t mind a few camping trips. 

The Mighty+’s heat-up time has been improved compared to the Mighty. It has received positive reviews from customers who state “I was caught off guard while filling capsules, it’s much speedier.” There have been some obvious ‘under the hood’ tune-ups; the heating element has been updated to accommodate faster heating times too. The Mighty+ is a little quicker at extracting your bud over the original, however, reviewers report there’s not too much of a difference performance-wise.

A few minor cosmetic and functional changes have rounded the update off pretty nicely. First the LCD display that seemed too large on the original Mighty has been updated. This has resulted in what seems to be, a much more stable exterior design. The main things I notice are the brightness and the lack of ‘artifacts’ on the numbers, a revision to be more legible. When holding the Mighty+, there are new cosmetic dips that form around the batteries. These provide a little more effective cooling layout than the Mighty with less mass, thanks to new housing materials being used.

Finally, the ceramic coating on the chamber. This is probably the least predicted but the most useful of the new features. Could this surprise factor be why the vape took longer to get to market than expected? Its initial development was for the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer. Because this chamber was intended to be used in a desktop vaporizer, it is easier to clean than most portable vaporizer chambers. Also, the removal of the aluminum from the previous design helps with visibility when doing maintenance. The Mighty+ does stand up a little better on its own over the Mighty, however, you still need to use the included stirrer/tamp tool that sits underneath. Having the ability to stand a vaporizer up is great, but we do give caution as it can still be knocked over easily if it’s not resting on a sturdy surface. 


Is It Worth It

A few things are missing from the Mighty+ box that were great additions when receiving the original. The main is the filling tool, which allows you to fill the Mighty without spilling the contents of your chamber. This was the crème de la crème for consumers - they had thought of everything to simplify the process.

So is the Mighty+ worth the updates? Too many customers, yes. These improvements have made a more “modern” structure for its tech and engineering. It is expected some will be put off by the need for a new power plug to achieve pass-through charging because this was a main selling point of the Mighty. If you are on the fence about purchasing the Mighty+, check your warranty on your Mighty - this could be the time to upgrade. I think a few people were expecting the Storz & Bickel brand-new model or some drastic changes, but we say, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.