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Our Mission

"To revolutionize the global cannabis industry."

At Urbanistic, we are at the forefront of a global cannabis industry revolution. Our unwavering mission is to transform how people perceive and engage with cannabis through cutting-edge education, unparalleled thought leadership, and ground-breaking evaluation tools.

Our mission: "To revolutionize the global cannabis industry."



Urbanistic is a multifaceted company that provides quality services to support cannabis businesses. Our company was founded in 2016 after several frustrating experiences with service providers who were not knowledgeable about cannabis.

We combine technical expertise with in-depth cannabis knowledge and exclusive partnerships to provide best-in-class solutions for the cannabis industry. In doing so, we have partnered with many leading companies to provide solutions in cannabis education, assessment, analytics, white-label hardware, and content services.

Through our online retail stores, we have offered educational tools such as microscopes, dry herb vaporizers, and artisanal smoking accessories. In doing so, our work has led to increased adoption and use of microscopes in the Canadian cannabis industry, for which we created online and in-person courses.

In 2023, we released our TDC Cannabis Grading System, which has become a fundamental part of the tools we provide to revolutionize the global cannabis industry. Our Grading System is used by thought-leading budtenders, licensed producers and cannabis cups to capture the most applicable data points of their cannabis products and standardize how we talk about cannabis quality. 

The Different Collective

We have established a vibrant community called The Different Collective, where individuals with a shared passion for plants and fungi come together to learn, evolve, and thrive. 

By championing knowledge and innovation, we empower our community members to become mindful cannabis consumers, making informed choices that enhance their well-being. Through our initiatives, we pave the way for a brighter, more enlightened future in the cannabis industry.

Urbanistic and TDC

Our Story

Francis Hall and Tom Rothmeier

Francis & Tom - Two European friends who emigrated to Canada to innovate the legal cannabis industry from the ground up.

As luck would have it, they both decided to emigrate to Canada in 2019 and met in 2020 through their passion for cannabis and social media content creation.

Francis was already doing cannabis activism before leaving the UK, creating educational content around cannabis & vaporizing, as well as founding Urbanistic Tea Ltd. in 2016, which he then expanded to Canada.

In 2020, Francis stumbled upon Tom's Instagram profile, who had worked his way up from budtender to staff trainer at his then-employer within two years while educating his Canadian and German followers about cannabis via social media.

From then on, the two worked on various projects and video content and partnered in running Urbanistic together.

This collaboration of passionate cannabis creators then inspired Tom to found Different Collective, which has since grown into a broad network of Canadian and German cannabis enthusiasts offering cannabis courses, as well as targeted cannabis assessment and analytics.

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