TDC Grading Platform for Producers

Optimize Your Cannabis Cultivation with TDC Grading Platform™

Welcome to the future of running a cannabis cultivation operation! At Urbanistic, we understand the unique challenges cannabis cultivators face in today's competitive market. From navigating complex regulations to gathering reliable feedback on product quality, we know that achieving success in cultivation requires innovative solutions. That's why we've developed the TDC Grading Platform™ – a cutting-edge tool designed specifically for cannabis producers and brands like you.

Challenges Faced by Cannabis Cultivators

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Cannabis cultivators constantly face the challenge of navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Staying compliant while maximizing productivity and quality is essential for success in this industry.

  2. Cost Constraints: High production costs and limited resources make it challenging for cultivators to gather comprehensive data on product quality and customer preferences. Traditional methods of gathering feedback, such as focus groups, can be expensive, time-consuming and often don't return high quality data that's actually useful.

  3. Limited Data Insights: Without access to reliable data, cultivators struggle to understand what drives customer preferences and differentiate their products from competitors. Gathering comprehensive feedback on products, especially when distributing samples, is a significant challenge for cultivators.

Using the TDC Grading Platform

Introducing the TDC Grading Platform™

Our innovative grading platform is designed to address these challenges and empower cannabis cultivators to optimize their operations. Here's how:

  1. Team Collaboration: Create a dedicated team space for all product gradings, enabling data-driven decision-making within your organization. Gather feedback on released products, unreleased phenotypes, competitor products, and more to gain valuable insights and benchmarks into product performance.

  2. Comprehensive Grading System: Utilise the world's most comprehensive and accurate grading system to evaluate buds, pre-rolls, extracts, vape carts, and more. Our platform provides detailed grading criteria to ensure consistent and objective evaluations.

  3. Custom Links Function: Use our Custom Links feature to run cost-effective focus groups and blind grading studies. Easily create tracked grading links and QR codes to attach to sample packaging, allowing you to gather real-time insights. Toggle between non-blind and blind grading to tailor focus groups to your needs.

  4. Effects Grading System: It's no secret that consumer trust in the accuracy of lab reports is at an all-time low. Gain a deeper understanding of your products by gathering feedback using the TDC Effects Grading system. Understand the perceived potency and contextual effects experienced by your customers when consuming your products, allowing you to fine-tune product formulations and marketing strategies. 

  5. Quality Assurance: Our platform is an indispensable tool for maintaining product quality and proactively identifying undesirables. Streamline your quality assurance processes and ensure that only the highest quality products reach the market.

  6. Exporting Products: If you're involved in exporting products, our grading platform allows you to provide comprehensive data to potential buyers. Justify higher prices for your products by showcasing their quality and consistency, ultimately maximizing the value of your cultivation efforts.

Sweetgrass using the TDC Grading System

Why Choose TDC Grading Platform™?

  • Innovative Solutions: Our platform offers innovative solutions to common challenges cannabis cultivators face, allowing you to optimize your cultivation processes and drive business success.

  • Cost-Effective: With our Custom Links feature, you can gather comprehensive feedback on your products without breaking the bank. Run focus groups and blind grading studies at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Harness the power of data to make informed decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and more. Our platform provides valuable insights into product performance and customer preferences.

Ready to Elevate Your Cultivation Operation?

Take the first step towards optimizing your cannabis cultivation with the TDC Grading Platform™. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo. Let's work together to unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the cannabis industry.