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Cannabis Grading Workshop 

Who's it for: Retail Stores, Licensed Producers

A hands-on half day workshop that provides an introduction to mindful cannabis grading using the TDC Grading System.

Learning outcomes

  • An introduction to cannabis, neuroscience and the endocannabinoid system
  • Subjective vs Objective cannabis conversations
  • Bud observation using the TDC Grading System
  • Cannabis Microscopy: Evaluating Trichomes
  • An introduction to consumption grading using the TDC Grading System

Our workshops and courses are eligible for educational grants across Canada, claim up to 83% of the cost of training your staff with our thought leading programmes. . Refer to our grants page for more info. 

Other Workshops Available:

  • Grading Master programme 
  • Cannabis Grading for Medical Cannabis Prescribers (available in Europe)
  • Cannabis Microscopy: Trichome assessment and undesirables detection
  • Cannabis, Mindfulness & the Endocannabinoid System 
  • Quality Assurance with the TDC Grading System 


Sweetgrass workshop training

TDC Grading Workshop with Sweetgrass Cannabis in the Kootenay's


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TDC Grading Workshop with Harvest Moon Cannabis on Salt Spring Island


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TDC Grading Workshop with Stick & Stone in Fernie