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Evaluate & Create

The TDC Grading System™

Our goal at Urbanistic is to revolutionize the global cannabis industry, and we think that we can accomplish this goal thanks to our TDC Cannabis Grading System™. 📲✨

The Grading System is publicly available and offers a cascade of features and benefits to improve your cannabis knowledge and business. 🚀📊

Scope, Serve & sell

Scope Club

We provide an education-first initiative
for thought-leading cannabis retail stores. 🚀

Boosting your customer service, sales, & QA
with our Urbanistic Scopes. 🔬💸⭐

Receive full training and support 🤝
and get listed on our Scope Club locator.📍

Test & Verify

Third-Party Grading

We offer third-party product evaluations to provide you with relevant insights about your product quality and create uniquely applicable strain cards that we distribute to our Scope Club stores. 🔎🥦

Scope, Learn & Educate

Microscopy Online Course

Learn everything about cannabis microscopy in our self-paced Cannabis Microscopy online course. 🔬💻✨

From trichomes to undesirables, we'll dive into in-depth information on what you can find under your microscope and what microscopes you can use to scope your dope.

Advance & Enhance

Become a Grading Master

Are you ready to elevate your knowledge and career in the world of cannabis? Join us for an immersive journey into the art and science of cannabis evaluation. Led by renowned industry expert, Tom Rothmeier, this interactive online training program is your gateway to becoming a digital cannabis sommelier. 💻🥦✨

Connect, Promote & Celebrate

The Cannabis Café

Come hang out or sponsor a fun and educational afternoon with Victoria’s cannabis community. 🤝✨

Make new connections, meet brand educators and enjoy
2% Jazz's coffee and treats. ☕🥦


"We revolutionize the global cannabis industry."


Local Mindset. Global Vision.

European raised and Vanvoucer Island based.

Providing services and digital tools for the global cannabis industry.

Setting the new standard for cannabis grading.


Grade your weed.
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Cannabis learning

🧠 Cannabis Science

How Neuroscience Helps Us Understand Cannabis & Ourselves

Delve into the fascinating world of cannabis and neuroscience to discover how our nervous system, neurons, and the endocannabinoid system interact, shaping our self-awareness and experiences. Explore the profound impact of cannabis on our physical and mental well-being and learn how to consume it mindfully.

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details create the big picture

digital microscopes

Microscopes are the gateway through which we can observe some of the most meaningful aspects of the plant.

We've hand-picked the best consumer-level digital microscopes for use with cannabis.

Microscope Collection 🔬

Become a digital cannabis SOMMELIER

TDC grading Masterclass

Are you ready to elevate your knowledge and career in the world of cannabis? Join us for an immersive journey into the art and science of cannabis evaluation.

Signup: Grading Masterclass 2024 🚀
Grading Masterclass 2024 - Urbanistic Canada

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Volcano digital: onyx

Volcano Hybrid - Silver - Urbanistic Canada

online learning

highly informative education

English TDC Cannabis Microscopy Course (online) 🔬 🌻 - Urbanistic Canada