Virtual Grading Workshop


Become a qualified cannabis tester

Are you ready to elevate your knowledge and tasting skills in the cannabis world?
Join us for an immersive workshop on the art and science of cannabis evaluation. Led by renowned industry expert Tom Rothmeier, this interactive online training is your gateway to becoming a qualified cannabis tester. Discover the fundamentals of cannabis grading, learn how to use a cannabis microscope, and explore how to integrate the grading platform into your cannabis career. 

📄 Course Details:

  • Dates: Tuesday, July 30th & Thursday, August 1st
  • Total Teaching Time: 3 hours
  • Schedule: 2 sessions (Tuesday and Thursday) from 4:30 to 6:00 PM 
  • Investment: $53 per person instead of $270.
  • Limited Availability: Only 25 spots left, don't miss out!
  • Virtual Classroom: Zoom

🛠️ Course Requirements:

  • Grading Platform Account: Participants should have already created an account at
  • Product for Grading: Prepare 3.5 grams of cannabis product for grading sessions.

💡 Course Outcomes:

During this comprehensive workshop, you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of cannabis quality 🥦✨
  • Learn to assess products through our standardized grading process 💻✔️
  • Understand the importance of phytochemicals & trichomes 💡
  • Explore the Grading Platform & how to use it in your store 📲🤝
  • Become familiar with using a microscope to inspect your cannabis 🔬

🎓 Who Should Enroll:

This course is ideal for:

  • Expert budtenders looking to expand their knowledge and career opportunities.
  • Cannabis marketing teams seeking to enhance their expertise in product promotion.
  • Aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs eager to establish themselves in the industry.
  • Proactive and passionate cannabis consumers who want to deepen their understanding of cannabis quality & grading.

Don't miss this opportunity to join this discounted training session and sign up today!

⭐ Testimonial from Brandon, Quality Assurance Lead at Sweetgrass Cannabis: 

"Personally, you guys made an impact on me, especially with making the connection between mindfulness and cannabis, and really just reinforcing the concept of mindfulness period.

We really learned a lot from the time we spent on the TDC grading system, and really enjoyed interacting with Thomas and Francis. The TDC system provides a powerful data-driven evaluation system that we can use to make decisions about new strains, as well as to improve the harvest, curing, and storage of our current strains."

⭐ Testimonial from Andy Downing, Assistant Manager at Harvest Moon

"I found the masterclass to be a great mix of knowledge and humour. Tom and his clowning around really make you think twice about things, and it really sticks in your brain. I look forward to the future with TDC leading the way in how we view cannabis."

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