TDC Grading Platform for Medical Clinics

Enhance Your Medical Prescribing Clinic with TDC Grading Platform™

Welcome to the forefront of medical cannabis prescribing! At Urbanistic, we recognize the unique challenges medical prescribing clinics face in sourcing high-quality products for patients. We understand that sourcing quality products is paramount to the success of your clinic and the well-being of your patients. That's why we've developed the TDC Grading Platform™ – a revolutionary tool designed to streamline your operations and empower you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Challenges Faced by Medical Prescribing Clinics

  1. Sourcing Quality Products: The most significant challenge for medical prescribing clinics is sourcing high-quality cannabis products consistently. Without access to reliable data and standardized testing protocols, clinics may struggle to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality products, putting patient care at risk.

  2. Supply Chain Uncertainty: Unruly supply chains and long lead times can lead to delays and inconsistencies in product quality. Clinics must navigate complex supply chains, often waiting months for products to arrive and risking the development of undesirables such as mould during transit.

  3. Lack of Data-Driven Decision-Making: Many clinics lack access to high-quality data to inform their purchasing decisions. Traditional methods of evaluating cannabis quality, such as lab reports, may not provide sufficient insights to make informed decisions about product quality and pricing.

Missing information about the actual product quality

Introducing the TDC Grading Platform™ for Medical Prescribing Clinics

Our innovative grading platform offers a range of features specifically tailored to address the challenges medical prescribing clinics face. Here's how our platform can help:

  1. Track Product Quality: Easily track product quality throughout the entire supply chain with minimal training and overhead requirements. Our platform provides maximum granularity, allowing you to monitor product quality from source to sale.

  2. Establish Pricing Benchmarks: Create a comprehensive dataset to establish pricing and quality benchmarks. This will enable you to make informed purchasing decisions and negotiate favourable pricing with suppliers.

  3. Risk Mitigation: Our platform can mitigate risk when importing new products by measuring grading differentials at the beginning and end of the supply chain. This will ensure seller integrity and product quality while minimizing risk.

  4. Understand Product Effects: Utilize our effects grading system to understand your medicinal products' perceived potency, contextual effects, and pain-relieving qualities. Gain valuable insights into patient experiences and preferences to optimize treatment plans.

  5. Custom Links for Focus Groups: Run your own blind or non-blind focus groups and studies using our custom links feature. Easily create focus groups to track the efficacy of specific products and gather meaningful feedback from your patients.

The TDC Grading System

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Our platform empowers clinics to make data-driven decisions based on high-quality data. By establishing a comprehensive grading protocol and building a grading database, clinics can gain insights that save costs, reduce risk, and ultimately serve patients with high-quality products.

About the TDC Grading System

The TDC Grading System revolutionizes cannabis evaluation by providing a digital-first, guided experience that makes it easy to unlock value from day one. Evaluate a range of products, including buds, concentrates, vape cartridges, and pre-rolls, with our world-class grading protocols.

Ready to Elevate Your Clinic?

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