Scope Club

    Scope Club for Cannabis Retailers

  • An education-first initiative for thought-leading cannabis retail stores 🚀
  • Provide an elevated customer experience 
  • Receive full training and support 🤝
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    Scope Club is a thought-leading program for retail cannabis stores that aims to provide memorable customer experiences and promote high-quality cannabis in an innovative and educational way. 

    Placing an Urbanistic Digital Desktop Microscope into a cannabis retail store offers customers an immersive, engaging and education-first experience for consumers who are becoming increasingly educated about cannabis and will appreciate being able to see the trichomes that make cannabis so magical. 

    How does Scope Club work for Retailers?

    Eligible retail stores can join Scope Club for a one-time fee of $300 CAD, which provides: 


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    How to use Microscopes in your store?

     Our microscopes can enhance your retail environment on multiple fronts. 

    1. 💸 Display & Monetization Scope
      Setting up a microscope in one of your display cases allows you to create an engaging product display for high-quality products that will naturally draw in customers who are curious about the fascinating world of trichomes. This will enable you to feature premium products by showing off their excellent quality and increase your sales of more costly products. On top of that, you can also monetize the scope display by offering a product feature to the Licensed Producers. 
    2. 🤝 Customer Service Scope 
      By placing a microscope on the sales floor, you can enable customers to scope the products they purchased while being assisted by your knowledgeable budtenders. This allows you to improve customer service, staff knowledge and product awareness while educating your clients. 
    3. 🔍 Internal QA Scope 
      Have one microscope in your back office to investigate your purchases and evaluate your smell jar buds. Doing so will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your products and enable you to identify common undesirables like moulds and mildew that could harm the health of your customers. Consequently, by using a microscope together with our TDC Cannabis Grading System, you can identify and return faulty buds while improving the product feature and staff awareness of your excellent products.

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    Our Scopes in action

    (The budtenders from Stick & Stone using our microscope during our cannabis grading workshop

    Microscope Training with Sweetgrass

    (Scope Training with the Team from Organic Sweetgrass Cannabis