The Cannabis Café

"Where knowledge grows, and connections bloom 🌻."

What is the Cannabis Café?

The Cannabis Café is a cannabis-friendly monthly event that happens every last Friday of the month at the 2% Jazz Café in Victoria.

Who is it for?

We created these events to bring our local cannabis community together.
Whether you're a Homegrower, Budtender, Licensed Producer, Consumer or Coffee Lover, our events are inclusive to everyone who has a favour for cannabis and coffee.

What is happening at the Cannabis Café?

The Cannabis Café is, first and foremost, a community-driven networking event to connect with your local cannabis and coffee lovers. 

It's a safe space to meet new people, enjoy 2% Jazz's coffee and treats and consume mindfully outside the café. 

One of the highlights of these events is our microscope bar and the various scopes we provide to the attendees to investigate their own buds and learn about trichomes. 

We also bring in different sponsors who set up a booth in the Café to connect with consumers and educate them about their products. 

One of our sponsorship highlights is that our premium sponsor, Storz & Bickel, enabled us to set up a vape bar outside the Café so that our guests can test their devices like the Volcano or the Mighty+ with their own buds.

Lastly, since we've founded these events in collaboration with the Vancouver Island Homegrowers Guild, we also have our local homegrowers show off their craft and swap seeds

When is the next Cannabis Café?

View the event schedule below or click here to schedule all upcoming Cannabis Café events into your calendar. 📆

How can I become a sponsor?
To sponsor one of our events, you just have to select the dates you'd like to attend and get in touch with us by clicking the button below. 

Apply to Sponsor the Cannabis Café


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