In the ever-evolving world of cannabis products, understanding quality is paramount. Whether you're a retailer, exporter/importer or a producer aiming to stay ahead of the curve, having access to detailed, reliable data can make all the difference. Introducing our exclusive data packages from the TDC Grading Platform – the pinnacle of cannabis evaluation systems worldwide.

What Does Our Data Package Include?

Our data packages are curated to provide you with a holistic understanding of cannabis product quality:

  • Images: Visual documentation capturing product details and nuances.
  • Trichome Evaluation: Microscopic insights into trichome development, a key indicator of potency.
  • Lot Numbers: Traceability and authenticity ensured through detailed lot information.
  • Grading Scores: Objective assessments based on stringent criteria.
  • Comments from Graders: Expert opinions and qualitative insights.
  • Smoothness and Ash Color: Aesthetic and experiential evaluations captured in detail.
  • & much more! 

Each element is designed to equip you with the comprehensive insights needed to make informed decisions and maintain competitive advantage in the dynamic cannabis market.

Who Benefits from Our Data Packages?

  • Producers: Enhance cultivation techniques and product formulations based on detailed feedback and comparative analyses.
  • Retailers: Curate offerings that resonate with discerning customers by leveraging detailed quality metrics.
  • Investors: Make informed investment decisions backed by robust data and performance benchmarks.
  • Researchers: Access standardized data for academic study and industry research.

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