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Kyp - Victoria Cannabis Co

⭐ Kyp - Victoria Cannabis Co.

The Victoria Cannabis Co's experience with the folks at Urbanistic was amazing! To start, their extremely detailed grading system gave us some incredible insight into all visual, olfactory and flavour aspects of the flower we have put to market. These metrics and descriptors are tools that we can share with the front-line sales staff and the budtenders. The more descriptors that can be created to explain our products, the more opportunity for engagement we have with our consumers. If that wasn't enough, the promotional evening that they catered for us was a huge success. The boys created a very inclusive atmosphere that drew a fantastic crowd of cannabis enthusiasts that we got to share our story and more importantly our flower with. I highly recommend any company that wants to create comprehensive third-party grading content to engage with budtenders to reach out to Tom and Francis!

🥦 Grading Course

Harvest Moon - Urbanistic TDC Workshop Testimonial

⭐ Harvest Moon

Endless thanks to @the.different.collective for visiting our lovely island and helping us further our knowledge and deepen our passion for cannabis through mindful cannabis grading.
What an incredibly intuitive, in-depth and intensely informative experience. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of meeting such a wonderful and professional group of people. Highly recommend checking out their work!
What an incredible course! Still trying to process the knowledge gained yesterday, as it was vast and intensely interesting! Looking forward to better serving our community through what we gained from @the.different.collective!

Anne Marie Canna Write Testimonial

⭐ Anne-Marie (Cannawrite)

"I've seen A LOT of cannabis education, being a cannabis educator for over six years now, and trust me when I say that this program knocked my socks off. It's just different than anything I've ever seen before, and the delivery is engaging, funny, and visually pleasing, and their wit and passion keep it super interesting throughout.”
Brandon - Sweetgrass Testimonial

⭐ Brandon - Head of QA (Sweetgrass)

"Personally, you guys made an impact on me, especially with making the connection between mindfulness and cannabis, and really just reinforcing the concept of mindfulness period.
We really learned a lot from the time we spent on the TDC grading system, and really enjoyed interacting with Thomas and Francis. The TDC system provides a powerful data driven evaluation system that we can use to make decisions about new strains, as well as to improve the harvest, curing, and storage of our current strains"
Stick & Stone Testimonial - TDC Grading Workshop

⭐ Spenser Fawcett (Stick & Stone)

“As you start the grading course, you immediately get a sense of passion from the TDC crew and their desire to make positive change in the way we perceive and appreciate cannabis. I found the course to be really helpful and insightful, its something that old and new staff can highly benefit from. Having proper information and understanding of the products really helps elevate your daily customers experience. The grading system used is above anything I've ever come across, it's an amazingly helpful tool that easily breaks down any flower that you bring into your shop and it's super easy to use. I would highly recommend this course to any business or shop with a real love for cannabis.”

Stick & Stone Testimonial - Grading Workshop

David Fejes (Stick & Stone)

The course was chock-full of information, fun and lederhosen! Thomas explained every step, engaged every listener and entertained our group. From packaging to consumption, the step-by-step breakdown of evaluation can guide anyone to assess cannabis reliably.
Local Cannabis TDC Grading Workshop Testimonial

Justin Ip (Digital Marketing Coordinator - Local Cannabis)

The TDC Cannabis Grading Course hosted yesterday was a true game-changer for our Local Cannabis Co. team. With Tom and Simone's expert guidance, the course systematically refined cannabis flower grading and effectively consolidated our budtenders' knowledge into a single shared resource. This fresh approach enables us to adeptly assist customers in discovering their perfect cannabis products, greatly enhancing their overall experience. Big thanks to TDC for this transformation!!
Stick & Stone Steph TDC Grading Workshop Testimonial

⭐ Steff Wallace (Stick & Stone)

The TDC Grading Course added a huge improvement to my knowledge of cannabis. I found I was able to integrate what I learned during the course into my day to day interactions with customers- allowing me to truly find the right fit. My co-workers and myself utilize the scope as often as we can to understand the quality of products we bring into the shop. As well as being able to use the grading system to get a better understanding of the product aswell. It has been a extremely useful tool in our home shop in fernie and our soon to open shop in Cumberland.

📲 Grading System

CannaSeur Cup Testimonial

Cannasseur Cup

⭐ Pascal Chefkoch

This grading system is excellent. You can give an evaluation almost without a clue [about cannabis] because the evaluation criteria are clearly formulated and self-explanatory, thanks to the guided pictures.

⭐ Erik Odenbach

For 25 years I have always compared cannabis with a certain smell, a certain origin (e.g.: fruit, gasoline, forest). This has led to subjectivity always taking precedence over objectivity. The TDC grading system now allows an objective comparison, leading to a better exchange with other cannasseurs. For me, it is a "game changer"

⭐ Christoph Sander

I liked the grading system very much, especially the illustrations that help to guide you through. I also found the judging of the extracts very innovative with the colour table and the other selection options. All in all, I found the TDC Grading System very appealing and self-explanatory. Thank you for all the work that went into this product.

⭐ Vincent Kühne (Vince and Weed)

The evaluation procedure of TDC for the objective evaluation of cannabis flower is insane. You can see that they have created an excellent system thanks to their experience as budtenders in Canada and their incredible cannabis knowledge. The TDC grading system enables everyone, from the pro to the low, to evaluate cannabis extremely comprehensively and objectively.

⭐ Eric Morel (CEO, Sumo Cannabis)

I really appreciate the objective aspect of the process…. That is rare and extremely relevant.

Unicorn Music Festival and Rosebud Bowl - Scope Bar Testimonial

⭐ Dennis Park - Unicorn Music Festival & Rosebud Bowl

Working with Tom and Francis of Urbanistic to collaborate between our two organizations opened the door to future collaborations due to their professionalism, the commonality of our visions and the expertise they brought to the table. Instead of finding areas of challenge, we found areas of cooperation and collaboration that benefited both parties. We are looking forward to the future and continuing to work together with Urbanistic as we continue to grow and develop the event and our relationship. I recommend working with these two fine cannabis professionals and stand by the quality of their work.