Third-Party Evaluation Service

We offer third-party product evaluations to provide you with relevant insights about your product quality and create uniquely applicable strain cards that we distribute to our Scope Club stores.

Who’s it for: Licensed Producers, Medical Cannabis importers/exporters

We utilize our TDC Cannabis Grading System to equip you with truly objective and transparent product data. Our team of expert evaluators follow a careful standard operating procedure to ensure a fair, unbiased and accurate product evaluation every time. 

Benefits of third-party grading:

  • Get your products evaluated by professional cannabis testers.
  • Receive targeted and relevant feedback on your product quality.
  • Stand out from the masses by showing your transparency.
  • Invest in the most relevant strain cards in the industry.
  • Have your product highlighted in our thought-leading Scope Club stores.

How it works

  1. You send us your product and brand kit.
  2. Our professional testers take product pictures and evaluate your product through our standardized grading process using the TDC Grading System.
  3. We send the raw data back to you for review.
  4. Once confirmed, we use the data to build our unique strain cards.
  5. Lastly, we share the strain cards with your team and our Scope Club Stores. (Optional: Reshare through the TDC Instagram)

Pricing Model



1 x Grading Token $550



For $550, you can purchase 1 Grading Token 🪙

This token will grant you one complete product evaluation and one strain card.

If you aren’t satisfied with your test results, you can skip the strain cards and use only half of your token. Now, you can use the remaining half token for another product evaluation and pay an additional $275 for the graphic creation or remain with your product data. 

Therefore, one token is:

1 x full product grading and graphics creation.


2 x product gradings (no graphics) per token. 

What do the grading graphics look like?

 If you are into providing your customers and stakeholders with the most amount of applicable, trusted data points they've ever seen - we've got you covered.