Best Cannabis Vaporizers: 2021 Edition

Finding a good dry herb vaporizer will save you money, time and deliver a smooth and pure experience.

The good news: there is a wide range of options to choose from, and each year new and exciting vaporizers are released with increasingly powerful technology.

Each year we take into account all vaporizers both new and old to decide on a list of our five favourite cannabis vaporizers across all categories.

Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer 

Winner: Titanic 3 by Puri5


The Titanic 3 is a compact-sized convection dry herb vaporizer from Puri5. It's a powerful little vape that comes packed full of neat features, including a high-quality display screen, customizable session mode and integrated de-bowler. Most importantly, it provides an excellent vaping experience, consisting of both pure flavour and thick clouds. The Titanic 3 is one of the best vaporizers I've used due to its size, simplicity to use and performance. The only downside to this vaporizer is the battery life, which is slightly less than vaporizers containing removable batteries. However, with a quick 30 minute charge cycle this is a perfect general vaporizer for day use and at home. 

For more information about the Titanic 3, check out my video review of the Titanic 3. 

Best Batteryless Vaporizer

Winner: Tectonic stem + Dynavap tip & cap

The Tectonic Stem is the newest offering from BBVapesBrnd who made waves in the vaping community in 2020 with their shell shock stem. Why was this stem so successful? Amazing performance coupled with excellent value makes it easy to see why these stems have been so popular.

The tectonic takes the success of the Shell Shock stem and brings some additional improvements. Of course, you'll need a DynaVap tip and cap to make this a full functioning vaporizer.

If you don't already have the DynaVap parts, you can get them in combination with the Tectonic stem for an automatic 10% discount at checkout! 

Best Tabletop Vaporizer

Winner: Extreme Q by Arizer

Possibly my personal favourite vaporizer of all time; or at least it is the vape I have probably used the most. The Extreme Q is a fantastic value, powerful tabletop vape; its performance is perfect for use at home. The Extreme Q provides nice clouds, fan assist mode, a remote control, can be used with bags/baloons and is very efficient on herb use. 


Best Vaporizer for Cannabis Cartridges

Winner: DuploCart

510 Vape cartridges have become very popular in North America and it's easy to see why as the convenience factor is hard to ignore. Especially as more cartridges become available, they are extremely portable and provide an instant hit. However, until now the 510 batteries have been very underwhelming. Most of the pen-style batteries are prone to clogging and breaking. 

Enter the DuploCart. This high quality battery from Pulsar allows you to carry two 510 cartridges in one device. It accepts 1 gram or .5 gram cartridges and you can use them simultaneously or switch between one or the other. This opens up a world of possibility - either taking a double blast to get right up there, or perhaps loading one THC and one CBD cartridge, or one sativa and one indica-dominant strain. Either way, this provides game-changing flexibility if you're into your concentrate cartridges. 

Best Vaporizer for Cannabis Concentrates

Winner: Crucible V4

As cannabis extracts become more readily available, more cannasseurs are dipping their toes into the world of cannabis concentrates and finding it a heady brave new world. 

The Crucible V4 is an atomizer for concentrates made by Divine Tribe (DTV4). This means you will need to plug it into a battery source (also known as a mod box or battery box) which lets connect it to a battery that suits your need. A smaller battery box will be more portable, or a larger box will provide a longer battery life. 

The crucible comes with a quartz bucket which you place your cannabis concentrate into. Some concentrate vaporizers have an exposed set of coils which you place concentrate onto, but this is messy business - your much better off sticking to bucket style systems such as the DTV4 as it provides more even heating, and easy clean up after your session.

My favourite part about the DTV4 is the ability to pair it with a bottomless banger, 510 extension cable and your favourite glassware to create an immense tabletop dab rig that's highly customizable. 


We hope you've enjoyed our top picks for 2021. If you need help choosing a vaporizer, don't hesitate to get in touch!