Pax Era Pro: Reviews and Tips

The Pax Era Pro is the newest device from Pax Labs for use with concentrates, and replaces the older Pax Era model.

The Pax Era Pro is a pod-style system for use with pre-filled Pax Pods, bringing portability and convenience and one elegant solution.

Pax Era Pro vs Pax Pro

Pax Era Pro vs Pax Era

The Pax Era Pro is similar in look and feel to it's predecessor, the Pax Era (pictured on the left) but there are some noticeable upgrades:

  • 20% increased battery capacity
  • USB-C charging port instead of micro-USB, for faster charging
  • ExpertTemp feature recognizes the pod you insert and sets the recommended temperature for the extract, based on the producers recommendation

What's Good About the Pax Era Pro?

Firstly, it's convenient. It's a device that easily fits into your pocket (or purse) and is instantly ready when you need it. Setting it up for the first time is quick and easy, and the temperature setting can be quickly changed using the device or the Pax app. 

 A quick shake of the device reveals the battery life which is a useful feature that isn't present on many 510 battery pens. It's always frustrating leaving to go somewhere with your vape only to discover that the battery dies on your first pull.

One of the things I love about the Pax Era Pro is the level of testing data available through the Pax app. I was able to see a full analytical breakdown of my pod including major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes and having the peace of mind that it's been tested for the presence of heavy metals and mycotoxins. 

Full Cannabinoid and Terpene Chemovar Profile

I was interested to note decent amounts of THCA, CBG and CBC in my pod. If this level of detail is available in all of the cannabis products we consume, we can really start to drill down into what works for us at an individual level and shop for specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles based on the desired outcome. 

The final thing to note in favour of the Pax Era Pro is the actual experience. The device heats the concentrate from two areas, unlike most 510 pens which just have one heating element. I feel that this is helping to create a more even and smooth heating, leading to nice smooth pulls. I've also never had the Pax Pro clog up on me in cold weather. Nice!

What's NOT Good About the Pax Era Pro?

It's hard to fault the overall experience, however if you're looking for the cheapest option to get started, this isn't it. At $99 dollars (Canadian) for the device, it's more expensive than using a basic 510 pen battery, which can be picked up for ten dollars.  

The other downside to using Pax right now is the limited selection of pods available on the Canadian market, at least compared with standard 510 cartridges. You'll still have options across the core categories (Sativas, Indicas, Hybrids and CBD-dominant strains) but choice can be slightly limited within these. Still, it's likely more options will become available with time; there seem to be many more options available in the US which is a promising sign there could be more pods making their way into stores soon. 

Final Verdict on the Pax Era Pro?

The best thing about the Pax Era Pro is the consistently high quality of the overall experience. It's reliable and it looks stylish in the process. If you're looking for a premium experience and you're happy to pay a little extra for it, the Pax Era Pro may be for you!

Watch my full video review of the Pax Era Pro: