A Walk in the Woods with Kootenay's Finest CEO


Kootenay's Finest are a licensed producer of craft cannabis with a legacy heritage, situated in the idyllic small town of Crawford Bay nestled in the Purcell mountain range of the Kootenay Mountains. 

Getting to Crawford Bay involves traversing multiple mountain passes, navigating twisty roads and taking the Kootenay Bay crossing, which is the longest free ferry ride in the world! 

The Ferry between Balfour and Kootenay Bay is free as are 13 other land locked crossings. The Kootenay Bay crossing is the longest free ferry ride in the world. Travellers to this part of the world can expect magnificent views showcasing the natural beauty of BC: lakes, mountains, trees and abundant wildlife.

In the fall of 2021 I had the opportunity to visit the Kootenay's Finest cultivation facility for a few days and spoke with Kevin McBride about the operation they have going there.

I was left with a new found appreciation for the challenges that small, independent craft growers face trying to navigate a new and complex industry. It's one thing growing great cannabis; it's quite another growing great cannabis in a new regulatory framework that's often heavy on bureaucracy and light on common sense. Add in corporate cannabis empires that have large war chests and the ability to run at a loss for prolonged periods of time, a nascent and disruption-prone industry and you've got all the ingredients for a seriously challenging landscape. 

With that being said Kevin (CEO), Sal (Master Grower) and the whole team rise to the challenge heroically with a clear vision in mind: grow quality cannabis cleanly, sustainably and using only organic and local inputs. 

As consumers we are are so used to seeing the product right at the end of the journey - view the mini-documentary below for a small insight into the journey before the weed in your jar. Enjoy!