How to Clean your Core e-rig

Why Clean Your Dag Rig?

It's important to keep your dab rig clean, not only to preserve and protect your expensive machinery, but also to ensure you're getting clean and flavourful dabs from each session. 

If you're wondering on the best way to keep your dab rig fresh and clean, read on...

Light Clean vs Deep Clean

You don't need to deep clean your device every time you use it, but we do recommend a good thorough clean every few months. You'll also have a much better time by adopting a 'clean as you go' approach. 

A quick wipe with a cotton bud after each session, while the bucket is still warm, will go along way to keeping your rig clean and means you can perform a deep clean less frequently.

Recommend Cleaning Supplies

There are lots of different options for cleaning products, but the basics we use are as follows:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol or ISO)
  • Cotton tips (definitely get the tapered ones if you can. You can usually pick them up cheaply from a pharmacy)
  • Kitchen paper (not essential but makes the job a lot easier)
  • A small ramekin or shot glass

Optional: you can purchase ISO wipes which basically combines the kitchen paper and ISO listed above. These are useful to have on hand but probably not as cost effective as buying the ISO and kitchen paper separately, if you are careful with usage.


Step 1: Dissemble Your Rig

The first step of the cleaning process is to dissemble your rig, as it's much easier and efficient to clean each part individually. 

There are four main parts to the Core e-rig, illustrated below:


 The glass bubbler will pull right off the base. To do this, position the Core e-rig so that the carb cap is facing away from you. Then pull the bubbler towards your self while securing the base.

Remove the silicone cover from the base of the  rig, and remove the card cap and tether.

The heading element will unscrew. You may need to use a coin or something similar to insert into the ridges of heater to gain purchase as you unscrew it. This is often the case if your rig hasn't been cleaned in a while, which gives the resin time to build up and stick things together. 

Step 2: Clean Individual Parts

Now that we've dissembled the parts, it's time to do the cleaning!

We'll take it part by part:

Glass Bubbler

Wipe the outside down with ISO. Then pour or spray a little ISO into the bubbler, and swirl it around gently. You could add some salt rock at this point, if you have it, to help the ISO remove any residue from inside of the bubbler. 

You can use your finger to plug the whole at the bottom of the bubbler, of you may find it easier to reattach the bubbler to the base of the rig for this step. 

I'll then take some kitchen roll and stuff it into the bubbler, making sure to leave some of the kitchen roll sticking out of the mouthpeice (think molotov cocktail) to easily remove the kitchen roll back out. Stick your finger in with the kitchen roll and move it around in a circular motion, so the kitchen roll makes contact with as much as the inner chamber as possible. 

Carb Cap

Give it a wipe down with ISO and leave to dry.

Heating Element

Unscrew the top of the heating element and take out the inserted bucket. You can drop these parts into an ISO bath and let them soak for a while. Once soaked, take them out and give them a wipe down with kitchen roll and or cotton buds. 

Battery / Base

Give it a wipe down as needed with ISO. I like to make sure I clean the small airhole that links the heating element with the glass bubbler, as this is a common place for resin to build up. 

Step 3: Reassemble Rig

 Let the parts dry, then assemble the rig. By this point it should be looking like a brand new device!

Before using your device again, I strongly recommend running at least one empty heat cycle on the rig. This will allow and residual ISO to burn off, ensuring you're not ingesting it with your concentrates!

That's it, our no nonsense deep clean guide for the Core e-rig by Crossing Tech. You can also watch the process in the video below. Happy cleaning!