Session vs On-Demand Vaping

What's the difference between "Session" and "On-Demand" vaping modes, you may ask.

On-Demand vaping is there when you need it. You press a button, which while held down, which heats the vapes oven chamber, allowing you to get a near-instant hit of vapor. Once the button is released, the oven chamber is no longer heated.

Session vaping runs consistent heat through an oven chamber for a set length of time. Most session modes have an auto-shutoff feature as a safety mechanism. A session mode is comparable to a lit joint that can take draws from for as long as it's lit.

Which one is best?

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Session mode generally allows for more consistent temperature control, where you can set a specific temperature (e.g 180 °C) to run for a certain length of time.

On-demand vaping gives you less control over temperature but can provide a quick and powerful hit. 

In Summary

  • On-Demand mode powers up only whilst holding down a button or other trigger. It is quick and convenient but provides less control over temperature.

  • Session mode is like flicking a light switch - once you turn it on, it's running until you turn it off again (or until an auto-shutoff feature kicks in). It provides precise temperature control and can be easier to use effectively.